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Driven by

Welcome to CAT1. Our heritage is as a design company and we started CAT1 to apply our creative ideas to cycling apparel. We take our name from Category 1, the most difficult categorised climb in professional cycling.

And just like a Category 1 climb, where riders are tested to the limit, we’re pushing our limits to deliver cycling apparel that’s at the pinnacle of design, performance and quality.

CAT1 was founded in 2014 by multi-sport enthusiast Rob Moore. Rob credits the passion and dedication to cycling apparel design from the entire CAT1 team as the prime reason for our progress and success so far.

(CAT1 was formerly Bzak Cycling from 2014-2020)

Dedicated to Performance,
Quality and Value

Rob brings a wealth of grass roots experience to CAT1. A lifelong cycling enthusiast and competitor, over 12 years as a local cycling club sponsor, along with volunteer club roles in admin, race directing and management.

His experience in procuring club kit was the genesis for CAT1. The principles that guided that process then, are those we live by now. Cycling kit must deliver high quality, high performance, and longevity – and all at an accessible market price.

We know we can do that for our local cycling club.
So why not for our customers as well?

Taking a
Sustainable Path

But that’s not the only thing that sets us apart. The world is awash with cycling apparel – produced in the same centuries-old way of design, make and ‘hope-to-sell’.

It’s time for change. It’s time to value design, materials and craft. It’s time to make what customers want – and not to waste resources on things they don’t.

Our apparel is released in small batches, with restocks of popular designs throughout the year. Plus if we don’t have your size or gender we can make-to-order for you.

There is no waste, there is no over production. There’s just great design, great products and fair pricing that reflects the worth inherent in the art, the materials and the manufacturing of our products.

Of course it’s not fast fashion. Our sustainable model means you’ll need to wait for the next batch or wait while we make your order for you. But you know for sure – you’ll be wearing something unique, something that is not mass produced and something of true value.

We hope you can join us on this path.

Rob Moore