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Custom Cycling Apparel

Want a custom kit designed for your bunch, club or company? You’ve come to the right place. As a design and apparel company this is right up our alley. And we’ll make it really easy for you.

We guarantee 100% design satisfaction – or you don’t pay anything.

Once the design is finalised you can place an order for your custom kit OR we can open a Team Store for you on our website. Individual team members can then order and purchase directly from our website.

This saves a lot of work and time for team mangers who do not need to coordinate orders, manage the process nor handle finances.  A big plus. We can even arrange to send orders directly to team members on your behalf.

Our timeline is typically:

  • two weeks to design a custom kit and complete the artwork
  • two to three weeks to apply the artwork to print templates and to then get a first production sample made to check colour reproduction and design
  • then 3 – 4 weeks for delivery of a team order after that.

We can always fast track an express order if time is of the essence.

For custom kit enquiries send us an email to: